Build and test a trebuchet-type of launching device capable of flinging a practice foam golf sized ball.


Use only materials that would have been available to a Medieval inventor:
Natural fibers
(No plastics or rubber bands)

You can use your own materials or leverage the limited material supplies available at the event.


When the device is in its most compact position with the throwing arm completely assembled, it must be able to fit into a cube that is 0.5 m on each side.

The Tasks:

1. Distance: Launch the projectile as far as possible.
2. Accuracy: During each of the launches, the distance the ball lands from a “center line” will be recorded. The smaller that distance is, the better the

Scoring Rubric:

Greatest distance = 10 points
2nd greatest = 9 points, etc.
(Note: If the trebuchet can throw any distance at all,
you get 5 points.)

Closest to 3.0 meters = 10 pts
2nd closest = 9 pts, etc.
Final ranking will be based on the total number of points scored

Credit to California’s Great Adventure Physics, Science, and Math Days for the rules to this event.

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